Microscope L-101

L101 675X Students’ biological microscope/XSP-05/XSP-04/XSP-13 monocular biological teaching microscope 1250 x/EPS402/EPS400 microscope,Electric microscope,monocular microscope/binocular electric microscope/student microscope,XSP 100X , 200X students mic


Product Description

Product name  L101  portable school round stage microscope for students

Viewing head  monocular head
Eyepiece  5x,10X,15x
Achromatic objective  5X 10X 45X (S)
Total magnification  25x-675x
Stage  Round Stage+slide clips 90*90mm
Nosepiece  triple
Condenser  Rotating disc diaphragm
Focusing  Separate coarse and fine adjustment, fine adjustment range 1.4mm-1.8mm
Illumination  Plan-concave mirror


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