MD-4G Digital Wood Moisture Meter

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Moisture content is the single most important factor affecting the quality of wood. A wood moisture meter is a sure way to help minimize moisture problems in lumber production, drying, and in all phases of furniture manufacturing and woodworking. Now, we recommend you a LCD display digital wood moisture meter. Proper use of this meter can insure that wood will maintain dimensional stability and prevent costly defects, such as surface checks, splits, warping and delaminating from occurring.


Product Description


– Model: MD-4G.
– Color: black.
– Housing material: hard plastic.
– 100% brand new and high quality digital wood moisture meter.
– Can be used to measure the containing moisture of wood, bamboo, cotton, tobacco, paper, foodstuff, etc.
– 4-pin testing probe to measure the moisture, very sensitive.
– Digital large size LCD display to show measurement in percentages, very easy to read.
– High resolution and response quickly.
– Data-hold function for holding measuring values.
– It is powered by 1 * 6F22 9V battery (included).
– Measuring range: from 5% to 40%.
– Resolution: 1%.
– Accuracy: ±1%.
– Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃(32℉ to 104℉)
– Operating humidity: 0~70% RH.


– The pins are very sharp and do not let children play.
– Do not point poins at others when using it.
– The instrument is high resistance and well insulator. Keep it dry and clean so as to insure the measuring accuracy when storing and using it.


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