Grain moisture meter Kett PM450

৳ 36,500.00 ৳ 34,500.00

Grain moisture meter Kett PM450 created with the quick criteria, exactly, simple operation, most competitive price, the Max application. Model PM450 quite compact design,standard line results are based on many years of experience dating back next,the calibration problem was assessed by many different plants so that the result is reliable


Product Description

Automatically adjust the temperature and particle density

  • With version PM450 when the model into the measuring Chamber for air will automatically balance the temperature with heat resistance and can stabilize the density so that the machine can calculate the most accurate results.

The calibration program

  • Every year all the grain moisture meter Kett PM450 are the calibration again by the factory or the function body.

Auto power off

  • If during the period 3 minutes without any manipulation or the impact on air,then the machine will power off thus will prolong the machine’s battery.

The range of large calculations

  • Ket PM450 grain moisture meter can calculate moisture content of seeds, grain from 1-40 %
STT Product name Measuring Strip STT Product name Measuring Strip
01 Wheat 6.0-40.0% 13 Rice (medium type) 9.0-20.0%
02 Barley 6.0-40.0% 14 Rice 6.0-30.0%
03 corn 6.0-40.0% 15 Oats 6.0-30.0%
04 Soybeans 6.0-30.0% 16 Rapeseed oil 6.0-30.0%
05 Coffee cherries 4.0-30.0% 17 Hazelnut granules 4.0-15.0%
06 Fresh coffee 4.0-30.0% 18 Nuts tribe 4.0-20.0%
07 Roasted coffee 1.0-20.0% 19 Black pepper 4.0-20.0%
08 Stats 6.0-30.0% 20 Green 6.0-30.0%
09 Sunflower (to) 6.0-30.0% 21 Seeds do 6.0-30.0%
10 Sunflower (on average) 4.0-20.0% 22 Peas 6.0-35.0%
11 Sunflower (young) 6.0-20.0% 23 Clove seeds 6.0-20.0%
12 Paddy (long grain) 9.0-35.0% 24 Cashew Nuts 2.0-14.0%


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