Digital Timer Switch Comforday


  • • MULTI-TASKING: Has up to 10 different ON/OFF programs set over a week, with the option of having them repeat for the following weeks!
  • • PROTECTING: Allows for a setting which randomly turns lights on and off over a period of time to keep potential burglars away as they will think you are home.
  • • ENERGY SAVING: Comes with a setting that automatically turns electronic devices around the house off when not being used.
  • • VERSATILE: This device allows you to control charging devices, sprinkler activation, lamps, fans, Christmas tree light and the list goes on!
  • • SIMPLE: User friendly interface makes all the settings available easy to understand and function


Product Description

The Comforday Digital Timer 7-day Programmable Set is timer that will help make your life easier. Set your timer for your pets, your garden or lawn, or you home. Have the lights scheduled to go while you’re away on vacation so potential burglars will think someone is home. Set your holiday decorations to go on at certain times, the potentials are limitless. It uses a 3-prong outlet & offers a 3-prong outlet.

How it Works

All you need to do is plug this Comforday Digital Timer 7-day Programmable Set into a power outlet and choose the settings you desire, and watch it go! The interface of this device is very user-friendly and setting up the programs you like will not take you very long at all. Just in case, we have also provided you with a user manual for any additional help you may require.


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