Lux Meter CEM DT-1308 Deluxe 400K

৳ 10,000.00


  • Long life silicon photo diode inside
  • Measurement rate:1.5 times per second
  • 4000 counts LCD display
  • 41-segments Analog bar-graph
  • User select-able Lux


Product Description

• Measures both Lux and Foot Candles (FC), user selectable
• Manual range selection of 5 LUX ranges and 4 FC ranges
• Silicon photo diode sensor and spectral response filter
• Fully cosine corrected
• Sensor connected to the instrument by a fixed approx. 1.5 metre (approx.) coiled cable
• Measuring rate of 1.5 times per second
• 43mm LCD display with backlight, 42 segment bar graph and function indicators
• Data Hold freezes measured values
• Max/Min Memory
• Peak Min Hold, Peak Max Hold
• Relative reading from user set value
• Over Range indication
• Reset function
• Auto Power Off after 30 minutes of no activity
• Low Battery indication
• Impact-resistant ABS case with protective rubber boot
• Supplied with carry pouch, rubber boot, protective lens cap & battery


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